Refund made easier through MOLPay Portal

Refund made easier through MOLPay Portal

Now, you can refund your customers in a few simple steps through MOLPay Merchant Portal. We have made it easier for you to handle the refund requests from the same portal where you can track all your customers’ transactions.

We also have another surprise to reveal soon on making this whole process easier for both customers and merchants. So, stay tuned!

Steps to request refund

1. Sign in to MOLPay Merchant Portal.


2. Click on Transactions tab.


3. Click Main Accounts.


4. Click on the transaction number link.


5. Click Request Cancel. Kindly take note that this is valid for transactions within 3 days only.


6. Click Proceed.


7. Click OK after the cancel request is successful.


8. The status will be shown as ReqCancel.

9. The status will be updated to Cancelled once our team proceed to refund with the respective bank.

If you have any questions on how you can ease any payment process with MOLPay, feel free to send your enquiry to our team here.