Boost Your Sales with MOLPay Secure 1-Click Payment

MOLPay is always happy to see progress and growth from merchant’s business.

With that in mind, we have always thought of how we could benefit and bring competitive edges to our merchants when we are developing our special features and when we are seeking for marketing partnerships. Innovation is inevitably the key to achieve this objective.

Among our recent innovations, there is MOLPay Secure 1-Click Payment, a tokenization feature sets to help merchants business by providing convenience for customers to complete transactions in a single click.

Recent stats on a month’s basis from one of our merchants in fashion/ consumer online business further illustrates why MOLPay Secure 1-Click Payment is a great feature to help business growth. Do note that their customer base is predominantly Malaysians.

Website / Mobile Site Traffic Source Transaction Volume / Traffic Source Some Thoughts To Share
46% of unique visitors using desktop and laptop computer 70%
  • Most consumers use desktop and laptop because of larger screen to browse for products

  • WiFi and high speed broadband is an advantage for consumer to complete the buying and paying process

  • 40% of unique visitors using smartphones 20%
  • Mobile users are on-the go people, they browse for products on smartphones and tend to have second thoughts about purchase. Factors below are influencing their decision in purchasing online

  • Costly yet limited data subscription

  • Poor data connection/ slow load time

  • Tedious to key in credit card details and 16 digit credit card numbers

  • 14% of unique visitors using tablets 10%
  • Most people own smartphones rather than tablets

  • Tablet users mostly browse internet and use apps. e.g. e-books, news, games, movie, etc.

  • The Vast Difference

    From above table you can see the obvious difference where consumers prefer to shop online using desktop and laptop computer than on mobile devices. Note that one of the reasons that discourage mobile users completing their purchase is the trouble of keying in credit card details and 16 digit credit card numbers. Is there a way to convert these mobile visitors to customers?

    Fortunate enough for MOLPay’s merchants, it’s not too late if you were to start providing tokenization now by enabling MOLPay Secure 1-Click Payment Secure 1-Click Payment to salvage the situation.

    After the merchant adopted MOLPay Secure 1-Click Payment, they saw a 55% growth of customers purchasing through smartphones on a month to month basis:

    Mobile site traffic source Month to month growth Merchant’s observations
    41% of unique visitors using smartphones 31% (55% growth from 20%)
  • Easier to make payment, encouraging repeat buying

  • Retain existing customer