Malaysian economy longs for an exchange of trust and value for online. With an expected Volume of Debit and Credit card transaction to be 100.22 million and 394.08 million by 2016 respectively, imagine the profits you can get by delivering the demand.

However, supplying the Malaysian economy does not come easy, as there are many challenges that are faced by online merchants before capturing the market. Lack of local channels, few payment options, and unsupportive for mobile payment are some of the biggest issues for online ecommerce to reach the biggest number of potential buyer.

Integrating a payment gateway that provides you scalability in features is the answer. MOLPay is introducing ‘MAX Buyer Reach’ program, where our merchants will be able to scale their products and reach the maximum number of potential buyer.

Well-Connected with Payment Channels

With the Internet Banking Subscriber volume and Internet Banking Penetration to Population is expected to be around 20.1 million and 68.7 million by 2016 respectively, we are committed to provide ecommerce with channels from local banks to help merchants penetrate more into the market. On top of that, we also can provide International channels to merchants to more than 7 countries worldwide.

With a big number of payment channels connected to you, you can penetrate the market with ease and benefit from it.

Unique Payment Option

Payment options are one of the most critical aspects of delivering demand of the customers. Not only it provides an alternative and convenience, it is sometimes necessary for end customers to be familiar with their payment options to make the final decision.

We deliver cash as an option for your customers, allowing your customers to pay at the nearest 7-Eleven and Petronas stores countrywide. The trend of cash as a form of payment is not dead yet as seen from the Volume of Cash Withdrawals, which is expected to be 521.73 million by 2016.

The number above is expected to take into accounts for the population without Internet banking, debit and credit cards, or even simply those who prefers to use cash.

Mobile is King

There is no doubt that smartphones have been growing rapidly throughout the years as more and more people are using their smartphones for everything in life. It has grown to be a lifestyle rather than a necessity.

The current trend of mobile banking has been growing exponentially throughout the years and is expected to reach 356.51 million in volume by the end of 2016. This is also complemented by the surge rise of Mobile Banking Subscriber, which is believed to reach 27 million by the end of the year.

We have developed mobile technology since our early years and have come out with technologies such as single-click payment, compatibility for iOS and Android platform, and topped by our easy to integrate SDK.

Don’t forget that the Volume of Individual Internet Banking is expected to reach close to 300 million by the end of the year. There is no better time than now to expand your business with MOLPay.

You can get all these above benefits and potentials simply by creating an account with MOLPay for RM499. Is it worth the potential? You can decide the final say, but we are committed here to help you capture the Malaysian Market.