Chinese New Year is less than a month away! So today we will share with you some of the hottest Chinese New Year looks that you can get to welcome the year of the Fire Monkey!

1. Cherry Blossom Nails

If you are the classy kinda girl, then these nails are definitely for you. It seems pretty easy to do too. All you need is:
  • White nail polish
  • Gel top coat
  • 2 Stabilo point 88 pens in red and black

If you are unsure of what you need to do, follow this guide. Pro shopping tip: Shop from and get 5.6% Cashback when you shop via MilkADeal Cashback.
Picture credit here.

2. Bright Red Lips

If you're the lazy kinda girl who can't be bothered to spend bucket loads of time with make-up, perhaps you could consider slapping on some shocking red lipstick this Chinese New Year!

For a longer lasting look, all you need is:
  • Lip balm (to moisturize your lips first)
  • Red liner
  • Concealer (so the colour stays on your lips longer)
  • Lipstick

Click here for a detailed guide. At RM75, our top pick for a bright red lipstick is definitely this gorgeous red by 3CE: Lip Color_Matte 3.5g [#701 Rondo]. You can also find some great lip products from and Althea.

Picture credit here

3. Dragon Eyes

Oh sorry, we forgot it's the year of the Monkey this year. But this dragon is so cute that we thought we would still let you have a look (in case it conjures other Chinese New Year make-up ideas).

4. Smokey Eyes

This look is smoking hot! Who says Chinese New Year must be all red?! Smokey eyes pair really well with blood red lips too. Here's a tutorial by a local Malaysian make-up pro, Jasmine Tam on how you can get that look.

5. The final look is just for laughs!

Showry who has taken the world by storm shows you how some Koreans apply make-up.

Have a wonderful upcoming Chinese New Year guys! Be fabulous, stay gorgeous and enjoy yourselves this CNY!

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