How fast is the response rate in MOLPay?

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MOLPay records 95% satisfying server response rate daily which is as fast as <100ms per response. This short response time helps merchants to close their sales even faster and proven that no frauds and scams happened underway.  This assures that requests sent by customers and merchants are handled on-time.

When handling requests, synchronization in one system and another is very critical. Hence, a fast response is necessary for all systems involved, so that customers' journey is smooth. If the server responds later >100ms, it might cause lag and delay to the transaction.

In our operation, we take a great care of our server response, transaction status and also our support response rate to keep serving efficiently. Let’s take a deeper look.

Higher success rate guarantees your goal in conversion

We keep improving on the success rate and analyse the failure rate for our merchants’  transactions. We have now achieved a satisfying level of 75% - 100% success rate in the worst case scenario (we calculate all requests, including multiple and duplicated requests, that coming into our application servers).

Besides, we do monitor and keep track on the transaction round trip to ensure the quality of transmission of API message and to assure that transaction status are transferred successfully to merchants and customers.

A generic daily success rate diagram

Customer/Merchant support response time

We believe customer support is the core to merchant’s and customer’s relationship success. Hence, we work round-the-clock to make sure all inquiries from both parties are not delayed. In our daily operation, we are consistent in keeping the average response time per issue of 5.2 minutes for the leading merchants, even though it’s during midnight or public holiday, while the issue detection is as short as 15 minutes.

This is to ensure the inquiries did not get stuck in any business process and help to achieve the objective of online business practice - easy and convenient.

Speed & reliability is our commitment

Payment is the central part in an online business. When you take lightly of payment role in your business and degrades the speed that it takes, it will slow down your operation. When the response rate in payment is slow, you cannot keep your punctuality to deliver your service.

When a service performance managed to meet the service-level agreement (SLA) requirement,  it is evident that the service is reliable and responsive towards the problems happen at times. Do not risk yourself to integrate with the service that is low in performance.

At MOLPay, we are committing at least a four nines (99.99%) availability of our overall services, and even higher availability for payments and API services. That’s why MOLPay has become a choice of international brands and serious online merchants that care about their online business. Merchants can count on us when they are doing aggressive sales campaign such as 11.11 that could possibly encounter explosive surge in transaction numbers to a few thousands per second.

Case Study: Optimizing the speed for payment request

The speed of payment request will heavily determine the payment process efficiency. Hence, we spend countless of hours to optimize our speed for the payments to process smoothly. In the past week, we managed to optimize the payment request speed and we now achieved 30% increase in speed, which resulted the request time to be reduced from 253ms to 177ms.

The optimization has also shorten the transaction time from 200ms to 150ms. The transactions that are processed within 50ms are increased, while the number of transactions that is processed above 300ms has been completely cleared and no longer in record.

While the previous speed was good to maintain, we always seek to give the perfect speed in customers’ experience. As we always hold to the saying “精益求精”, our continuous effort to optimize the speed has successfully resulted to faster payment process.

If you would like to know more on how you can improve your efficiency in payment collection, feel free to reach us.