E-commerce sites used to focus on the delivery method, providing tons of options as well as fastest checkout system to provide customers the best buying experience. However, brick and mortar store may be able to conveniently delight customers through Click and Collect model.

So, how do you charm customers from the Click & Collect model?

1. Free Shipping to Your Store

Based per our research, one of the reasons for high abandonment rate is the shipping price of products. Once customers fills up their cart and see that their total price will include tax and shipping cost, they are likely to back out and find another store to get their product.

You need to have a free shipping option if the customers choose to collect it directly from your store without the extra shipping cost. Although customers may need to drive to the store, they are under the impression that they are getting a great deal from you.

2. Fast Fix

There is something that online retailers can’t do for their end customers, which is fast fixing.

Yes, big ecommerce companies do have features that allow customers to get their product in hand directly. However, some product may not be in the condition that was expected by the customers. Allowing customers to make the quick fix provides the experience that wasn’t available for them before.

Once the product is replaced, there is no need to wait for another shipping process to get what customers need. Therefore you are providing what they want immediately.

3. Urgent Needs

There are certain items are timely critical for customers, such as keys, travel bags, or even a cosmetic accessory. On top of that, there are certain urgent needs from customers that can’t be processed by online shipping.

By providing items or services that can process these urgent needs, you will be on top of customers’ list of merchants.

Utilize this with online options with higher varieties (even if the items weren’t from your local store) to increase the possibilities of customers buying from your store. At the very least, you will increase your sales, if not a chance to make your customers happy.

In these situations, customers prefer to take the products from your stores instead of waiting for free shipping to arrive. If you are just still relying on shipping your products to customers, you may benefit by adding this method to your local stores. There is never a mistake in providing extra features for your customers.