Install MOLPay VT on your phone for flexible point-of-sales system

Install MOLPay VT on your phone for flexible point-of-sales system

Every moment that your customers engage with you bears a big potential. But, what will happen with the engagement if your point-of-sale is very limited? It will be hard for the conversion to take place. This usually happens when customers’ payment options are not supported, especially when both of you are meeting outside.

Now, we have entered the age of virtual terminal where you cannot just rely only on a single outlet or a single physical terminal. No matter how your items are low- or highly-priced, customers have their own preference to pay, not only with cash. With many additions to payment options, you need an all-in-one terminal to process the transactions.

Installing MOLPay VT

MOLPay VT is a virtual terminal application which works similarly like a point-of-sale (POS) terminal. It enables you to accept card payment anywhere and anytime you want as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet. With more options like online banking, invoice and e-wallet (Alipay), your service couldn’t be more convenient for you and your customers. MOLPay VT works similarly to mPOS; it is portable but one thing above the other, it only needs one smartphone to accept multiple options of payment.

And, one thing that you wouldn’t want to miss is... MOLPay VT can be installed and set up by more than one smartphones under a single account.

Download MOLPay VT app:
MOLPay VT (for merchant only) - Apps on Google PlayMOLPay VT (for merchant only) on the App Store



How will MOLPay VT help you with its flexibility?

1. Convenient
Built in a form of an app, MOLPay VT allows you to carry your lightweight smart devices instead of heavy and non-portable payment terminal. It helps you feel convenient when travelling or meeting customers for business purposes especially when it involves transactions or delivery.

2. More payment options
In many cases, customers can suddenly change their mind and opt to use internet banking or invoice instead of credit or debit cards. Even though internet banking and invoice can be recorded manually, it is not as easy as using MOLPay VT. MOLPay VT is built to reduce payment complexity, so, we add internet banking and invoice features, which will eliminate your manual reconciliation.

3. In-store purchase
The capability of MOLPay VT is not restricted to only operate outside the shop. Let’s say you have a store and you prefer to have something portable and economic to accept payment, MOLPay VT is all you need to accept any kinds of payments and also a smart alternative for you to start a business.

4. Just scan it
Customers who bring their cards can pass the card to you when they want to make a payment. You can scan the card to your NFC-backed phone and get the details from the card. Customers then will receive a One-Time Password (OTP) through SMS and key it into your phone. There will be no frictions or any security issues. This will help you to be efficient with your time and optimize your point-of-sale solution.

5. No card, no problem
For customers who didn’t bring their card, they can still pay to you by giving their card details. They only need to key in the card number, CVV and the card’s expiry date on your smartphone. The customer will also receive an OTP through SMS and after that, key it into your phone.

MOLPay VT does not only allow you to receive payment anywhere and anytime, it also allows you to bring convenience to your customers. It helps you to establish customer relationship during the pay-on-deliver process. This will directly increase your sales and also customer’s loyalty towards your services.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact MOLPay. We are very happy to assist you.