It’s 2017, and Cash is Still the King

It's 2017, and Cash is Still The King

Everyone in the world needs money to buy something that they want. People back then would use rock and shell as an exchange for something that they need. In this technology era, people prefer technology that makes their life easier. But not for Malaysian, when it comes to money.

Malaysians are not very easily giving their money through online payments as they works really hard to gain some money. That is why people who shop at online store prefer cash on delivery rather than bank in money to someone that they don’t know, let alone be trusted.

Why Cash is still the King?

A study by Nielson revealed 60% of Malaysian consumers prefer cash transaction when they shop online over other methods such as using credit card to buy something through the website. They feel convenient when they know where their money goes as cash transaction happened in front of their eyes.

To settle this problem, MOLPay introduces MOLPay CASH, a method that settles down worry on Malaysian.

How would MOLPay CASH help?

MOLPay CASH helps people who do not believe in the security of internet to pay cash after they shop online in the websites. They can simply shop whatever things that they want and get a barcode from the website.

Then, they can go to the nearest 7-Eleven or Petronas to make cash transaction and just wait for their goods to arrive at home.

More secure and convenient

1. More secure and convenient

People can change from making cash transaction to using MOLPay CASH as MOLPay CASH will not ask for any confidential information about the purchaser. People can use this method without any worries because no need for any information such as punching in PIN number when using cards so that they can buy items that they wish to purchase.

Other than that, people feel more secure when they can hand over the money in the payment counter. We cannot blame people who wish to pay by cash transaction, as they feel convenient with that way and

they have been using the same way in their life when they go shopping. They can browse the items from home or anywhere and select MOLPay Cash to proceed with their preferred way of paying. Then, they will get total amount of the transaction and pay for it.

People feel safe as they just hand over the money and pay for the items. Some people do not wish to give their valuable information even when they are told that their information is safe with them.

Easily accessible

2. Easily accessible

Next is they can still pay using money at the nearest 7-Eleven or Petronas. MOLPay has collaborated with 7-Eleven and Petronas because first, 7-Eleven and Petronas have the highest chain store in Malaysia and second, they are available everywhere.

People go to 7-Eleven to buy some foods and books and people need to go to Petronas in order to fill the tank up. People can use money to pay items that they purchased on the website and proceed to pay it in these stores. It is like the same thing when they go to the mall or supermarket, but all the buying transaction are done on the internet and pay through 7-Eleven or Petronas.

Cater all shoppers

3. Cater all shoppers

Then, people can use MOLPay CASH when they do not have bank account or when they do not have enough money in the account but they want to buy something from the website. MOLPay CASH allows people to go shopping in the internet and pay by using cash transaction, but not by credit card.

This method can encourage people to go online shopping and do not have to worry as they do not have credit card or insufficient money in the account. After this, they can just pay at 7-Eleven or Petronas as 7-Eleven are available 24 hours, 365 days.

Cost and time-saving

4. Cost and time-saving

With MOLPay CASH, people can save their money and time a lot. They do not have to go through traffic jam and have to pay for the tolls. They do not have to pay for the car park fee that can cost them quite amount of money. They can save up their money for other emergency cases.

They can cut up their money, cost and time by buying items like usual but this time, they can buy it through online and pay at the 7-Eleven. I find this method convenient for people whose always reject to shop online because they cannot pay with cash. By this new method, cash-preferred payers can pay the items at the nearest selected stores.

People who are always refused to go online shopping forget about their worries as MOLPay CASH use barcode to detect the total amount that people need to pay.

It is very easy as we just hand over the barcode to the seller in the counter and the seller can simply scan the barcode to get the total amount to be paid. People do not have to worry about the breakdown of the internet like when they want to pay through online transaction.

MOLPay knows where to tackle the market as they are the first and the biggest company in Southeast Asia that accept cash payment in their daily transaction.

So, do not worry folks, as we can now shop without any worries that everyone used to feel when making online purchasing and transaction.