Methods to Increase Profits through Website

Methods to Increase Profits through Website

One problem with websites that have grown very organically over time is that no one has ever independently assessed it to see if it could be performing even better.

More often than not, the website builder is just too close to the project to objectively assess its effectiveness. If your website has never had a proper redesign or overhaul, if you’ve simply added pages when necessary and never considered the customer’s journey to purchase, then the chances are that you could make some improvements.

Here are five of the most important ways to check if your website could be working even harder to increase profit.

So now that you have a website, what’s next? Below, find our tips to improve profits with an effective and secure website.

Increase profits through web design

1. Web design

Website design must be very attractive, efficient and effective for the users. An eye-catching website with simple design will drive people to open your website. Website navigation should be easy.

The process of finding products and services must be hassle free and the shopping cart should be easy to use without getting lost. This will ease the customers’ process of checking out.

If your website is too cluttered or difficult to navigate, customers are likely to give up and click away. A design that clearly conveys your company’s message, values and services is likely to convert more clicks into profits. Remember that colors and designs play their roles too.

Increase profits through clear and compelling content

2. Clear, Compelling Content

The content on your site should be clear and short to the point. Large, long blocks of text on the page can turn customers off. Simple messages that get straight to the point are extremely effective, and bullet points and short paragraphs make the text easier to read and follow. Gen-Y does not prefer lengthy post and majority prefers to watch a video which explains how to make a payment for instance.

Increase profits through payment solutions

3. Payment Solutions

Make sure you provide multiple payment solutions for your customers such as payment gateway, COD, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and online banking through your website significantly improves customer service and increases profits. This is because many consumers these days prefer shopping and making payments online for convenience’s sake.

With our online payment solutions, you can set up a secure e-commerce payment gateway, include hosted payment forms on your site and help protect your customers and business with PCI compliant security features. We also provides MOLPay CASH for those who prefer to pay by cash and make the payment through 7-Eleven and Petronas.

Increase profits by managing inventory

4. Manage inventory

In order to sustain sales, the company must manage their inventory effectively on the website. Running out of a product should be avoided at all costs because most shoppers will leave your site for a competitor. Inventory is highly correlated with profitability. There is a 77% correlation between overall manufacturing profitability and inventory turns.


Increase profits through good customer service

5. Customer service

Customer service is crucial for online retailers because sometimes things go wrong, but many companies don’t have physical stores in which disgruntled customers can get immediate support. Make sure there is a hotline that customers can easily call if they have any problem and need someone to guide them.

The ways that call centers and email support handle issues makes consumers more or less likely to purchase from that retailer again.

FashionValet provides an excellent customer service for their customers. The majority of shoppers are willing to pay more for great customer service because they know they’ll be taken care of no matter what happens.