MOLPay is Localizing Mobile XDK into 9 Languages

MOLPay is Localizing Mobile XDK Into 9 Languages

In 2016, MOLPay introduced Mobile XDK with the aim to ease merchants in integrating MOLPay’s payment channel to the app. Based on our observation, not anyone finds it easy to understand how the payment channel works due to the limited choice of language.

After perceiving the need for localization, MOLPay’s Mobile XDK is now available to be set up in the language chosen by the app user.

How to set up the languages on Mobile XDK?

STEP 1: You need to make sure that your app is supporting any/or all languages below:

  • English (Default), EN
  • Bahasa or Malay, MS
  • Vietnamese, VI
  • Thai, TH
  • Filipino, FIL
  • Burmese for Myanmar, MY
  • Khmer for Cambodia, KM
  • Indonesian, ID
  • Chinese Simplified, ZH

STEP 2: The app users just need to choose the language that they prefer to use for the whole process after they enter the app.

STEP 3: If your app supports any language above and pass the language value set by the app user, the Mobile XDK interface will automatically follow the language setting.

How will the language support improve your business?

Consistency is the key

Previously, when your customers shopped via app, they can choose the language that they want from the options given on your app. However, that only applies to the shopping and checkout processes. In the meanwhile, the only language option for the payment process was English.

With this multilingual support, your customers can shop and make their payment with the language that they prefer without getting distracted to sudden language change while finishing the remaining shopping processes.

Familiarity is always a good thing

Localizing the elements in products and services to one’s preferred language can hugely help to approach the target market to understand any products or services better. Thus, by offering them to choose the language that they are familiar with, it can help them to reduce the barriers to continue to the next steps.

Payment process is now easier

With the help of localization, the app users will comprehend the details better in the language that they chose.

Chance to Conquer Southeast Asia

Now, merchants can really take XDK to all Southeast Asian countries with the latest multi-language support mechanism. Since the XDK is now supporting 9 languages in total which aims to the Southeast Asian market, it is easier for the merchants to penetrate the market with more than 600 millions population.