MOLPay Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of MOL AccessPortal Sdn. Bhd., an operating company of MOL Global, Inc. announced recently the release of Mobile XDK, a cross-platform payment kits which integrates with major mobile development tools. In simple language, MOLPay has your payment gateway well taken care no matter what tools you use to develop your mobile application.

MOLPay understands applications created for mobile devices forms a growing industry. As research shown in 2016, individuals, corporations, and other entities are creating an increasing number and variety of mobile applications. Often, a particular version of mobile payment gateway will only work on mobile devices using the specific mobile device platform for which the mobile application was developed. However, there are a number of popular mobile device platforms. This can pose a number of problems to mobile application developer. According to MOLPay Chief Executive Officer, Mr Eng Sheng Guan said that a developer may limit the development of a mobile application to only a subset of mobile device platforms, thereby limiting the number of potential payment gateways to integrate with. “Should the developer wish to expand the number of mobile platforms on which a mobile application may be used, the developer may need to expend additional resources to create new versions for the additional mobile platforms.”

“Supporting multiple versions, each released for a separate mobile platform, can add cost, stress and delay to the software support lifecycle. Also, the ability to create and support different versions of a payment gateway for different mobile platforms may require that a developer learns about and stays current on differing implementation details for the various mobile platforms. Faced with this variety of platform-specific implementation details, a developer may inadvertently introduce bugs into the mobile applications,” he said.

What is MOLPay Mobile XDK?

There are many software developers whose experience and knowledge is focused on non-native mobile technologies such as Javascripts, C#, and tools like Xamarin and Cordova, which majority payment gateway companies do not support. Advances in modern software development have allowed for a degree of cross-platform mobile application development. MOLPay mobile XDK is an optimized cross-platform mobile application payment kit. MOLPay makes it easy to implement and it just works on any mobile platform. It is built on WEB technologies and it is highly portable, reliable and secured.

How does MOLPay Mobile XDK benefit the business owner?

1. It provides optimized mobile experience to your shoppers

No matter which mobile platform your shoppers are using, they experience the best and consistent mobile UI and UX.

2. It has a flexible and customizable UI

Customizable UI to fit your mobile theme.

3. Cash channel payment made easy

The payment data will be saved automatically until payment is made.

4. Support ESCROW payment

The sub merchants and buyers’ interests are well taken care of.

Step 1
Marketplace operator to integrate MOLPay escrow API
Step 2
Seller and buyer seal a deal and buyer pays using MOLPay
Step 3
Seller ships the good(s) to buyer
Step 4
Buyer has the option to raise a dispute through API
Step 5
Marketplace needs to resolve the issue between seller and buyer
Step 6
Once resolved, the flags will automatically change to OKs
Step 7
If the dispute cannot be resolved, refund to buyer will be scheduled and executed.
Step 8
MOLPay will settle the funds based on marketplace instruction during settlement

5. Support card channel sales campaign

MOLPay supports card channel sales campaign.

6. Support credit card pre-authentication payment

MOLPay supports credit card pre-authentication payment.

How does MOLPay Mobile XDK benefit the mobile developers?

1. It is available on ALL major development tools
No matter which mobile development tools you are using, MOLPay Mobile Payment Kit will fit into it.

2. It has publicly accessible libraries and repositories
Publicly accessible libraries and repositories for all the mobile application developers.

3. It has an easy integration process

Integration work with less than 5 steps installation procedures and 2 days’ turnaround time made easy even for amateurs.

Step 1 - Add compile 'com.molpay:molpay-mobile-xdk-android: < put latest release version here >' to dependencies in application build.gradle
Step 2 - Add import com.molpay.molpayxdk.MOLPayActivity;
Step 3 - Add the result callback function to get return results when the payment activity ended,