MOLPay’s Portal is now Available for Merchants Who Need to be On-The-Go

MOLPay’s Portal is now Available for Merchants Who Need to be On-The-Go

Have you figure out how you can stay productive despite your busy schedule? Since everything is now accessible through a mobile screen, you can handle all matters on-the-go without having to bring the whole office around.

Based on that, MOLPay has come to a realization that transforming the old portal into a mobile-friendly version can level up your performance because you can do your work anywhere while you are away from your desktop.

As part of bringing more improvements, we redesigns the portal, flexibly for merchants who have to go to a lot of places or to be more precise, those who are extremely busy.

So, here is what you’re going to experience!

1. Compatible to phones and desktop

Compatible to phones and desktop

When you open your old portal on the phone, you would find everything looks out of place due to its incompatibility to mobile devices. However, the new portal will promise you otherwise. Since both versions have a similar outlook, you can easily track every payment record in both desktop and mobile versions without having to adapt to two different versions.

2. Easy to comprehend

Easy to comprehend

Some so-called mobile-friendly websites may look complex, but ours is completely different. With our mobile-friendly portal, we are keeping it neat and easy for you to click and look through the details on the same screen. The size of each element is just right for your eyes.

3. Time-saving trick

Have you ever wait in a jam or airport for so long that you had to postpone doing some of your works? Since our portal is mobile-friendly, you only need to have your mobile phone around. It saves a lot of time if you check the portal from your phone and do whatever payment activities that you have to do at that particular moment.

4. Solve problem on time

Solve problem on time

To avoid a small problem to turn into a major one, you can solve it through your phone by communicating instantly with the involved parties (e.g. customers or banks) just after you look through the details in the portal.

5. Flexible to all smartphones

Flexible to all smartphones

No matter what models of smartphones and processors you are using, this portal is flexible to all mobile users. You’ll find this new portal comfortable to use because it does not lag and you can smoothly slide to different sides of the portal because of its modern and mobile-friendly design.

To end this, here’s to highlight the difference between the previous portal and the new portal in your mobile screen which will give you a clearer picture and let you feel the excitement!