Multilevel User Group Access, a new MOLPay Feature!

MOLPay Multilevel user group access

Multilevel user group access, a new MOLPay feature that enables secure and personalized access to your company’s portal.

Knowing how busy you get day by day, MOLPay is now introducing a new feature that will be available in our portal soon! Our new feature which is called Multilevel User Group Access will enable you to control who can access to the backend portal and what information can they see via the access.

If previously you need to hold the master login account on your own or share your password and ID name just to let them see certain information, now you can personalize it to other assigned individuals with limited access.

Having more than 20 people in a company is challenging enough to track all the company’s activities at one glance especially when it comes to the financial matters. With the previously limitless access, it is quite risky for your company to let others who have your master login information to see the financial information that are not supposed to be viewable by other entities.

Now, with Multilevel User Group Access function, you can limit the people or department that you assigned to access the information that only shareable to them.

In addition to how our portal has always been easy to use and user-friendly with its interesting interface, any of your staffs can go through it and understand the features provided without having to take a lot of time to understand all of the functions.

What is Multilevel User Group Access?

There are many occurrences that will need you to share the information in the portal that require your employees to access the backend portal by themselves. However, not all information should be modifiable or shareable to them.

Therefore, we come up with Multilevel User Group where you can create the sub login accounts for other employees and set what are the information that can be seen by them. As a result, you will not have to share your master login detail anymore.

Here are the benefits that you and the whole company will experience:

1. More Flexible

With the flexibility, you are able to share or unshare the information to other staffs by adding or removing the sub login accounts that you create. Additionally, you can also set certain information and functions available and unavailable to the assigned individual or department.

This flexibility will ease your work in modifying the backend access to different circumstances, for example when your staff is transferred to other departments.

2. More focused

By utilizing this feature, the working ecosystem in your company will become more focused without the need to look at other information that are not related to different job roles. For example, if your customer support department demands to check the transaction made by your customers, they can just go directly to the features that you have set for them. By that way, they will not have to ask you to check it or go through other functions before directing them to the information that they need.

Due to how you can set the viewable features to a particular person or departments, they do not have to waste their time to explore other functions that are not made for them. By giving them the sub login access, they can just go through the portal to get the information by themselves without needing the middleman to get it for them.

Why go all the troubles for a double check when you can let a single entity to do a single check?

3. More secure

We admit that sometimes you need more people to have the access to the backend portal to handle or check the system. However, what has always been in our mind is how much trust can you give to that person to be able to look at all information in your company especially in the financial matters.

Here in MOLPay, security has always been our primary concern for clients because we understand that any existence needs a degree of protection and resistance from any kind of harms.

With the ability to create and assign any specific individual or departments to use this system, you can simply register and unregister the person that you assigned. With this limited access, this system will not let any unauthorized user to invade or simply take out any information from the system.

Heading to the way where all activities are trackable within the technology, this feature is enabling multiple entities to have control over the backend portal securely. Holding to its name, MOLPay’s Multilevel User Group Access has its exclusive privileges to offer you and your assigned individuals from different levels.

In MOLPay, what we considered the most in our services is how our clients can manage their financial easily. With the Multilevel User Group Access that will come to you soon, we are more than excited to let your whole company to feel the difference!