The Ideal Ways to Make Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

The Ideal Ways to Make Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

Having a great, easy and simple payment process is the most enjoyable thing that most online shoppers would fall for. Making the payment process as easy as possible for them is important to increase conversion rates and gain more sales.

Checkout page will be a critical part or point in your website as it is the final pit stop for people who are shopping at your websites. Merchants will have a full control over their entire checkout process if they take a serious action on making the payment easier for customers.

There are few ways to make the payment process easy for online customers:

1. Asking for information that you truly need

Asking for information that you truly need

Some customers feel insecure when they are sharing so much, such as transaction details or personal information especially when involving money.

It is because for some customers, sharing too much information will make them become the easiest target for security breach. Asking only necessary information will not kill your conversion rates as well as your customer's time.

Adding more forms to be filled in will add more excuses to customers who want to shop with you. There are many customers abandon their online purchase just because of the lengthy process that they don't find necessary.

2. Provide multi-payment options

Provide multi-payment options

Providing multi-payment options is one of the ways that can turn the payment process a lot easier. Many websites offer only one of the several methods of payment that are usually used by customers.

It is not necessary to offer to much payment options. It is also important to look at the targeted customers to see what types of payment that they most likely use when making the payment.

Allowing direct bank transfers and payment from all major credit cards will be a great opportunity to attract more customers to buy on your website.

Merchants can appoint a payment gateway provider that can give more payment options to the customers.

3. Adapt your payment processes to ideal customer

Adapt your payment processes to ideal customer

An ideal payment processes are rooted by all cutomer’s preferences. For example, build a self-service payment kiosks that allow customer to control their own checkout experience. This will give more benefits to customer.

There are some customers that prefer checkout with a sales associate even though they have the options to buy online and pay at self-serve terminal.

MOLPay is the first payment gateway in Malaysia which gain back the convenience of cash to online where people can shop online and pay over the counter at 7-Eleven.

For many Malaysians who prefer paying by cash, using MOLPay CASH can help them overcome the barrier of online shopping. Be reminded, adapting your payment processes to ideal customers will help you to gain more sales.


Customers nowadays are most likely looking for everything instant in their daily life. Providing an easy payment process can be one of the ways that make their life easy in making payment for online shopping.

A super easy payment experience will make your customers remember to acclimating your systems to the way they prefer to search and pay.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact MOLPay. We are very happy to assist you.