Top 3 Reason to Create a Re-Engage campaign

Reason to Create a Re-Engage campaign

Imagine how many brands of products did you see every single day? Its amazing how we have adapted to look at images from tons of products in today’s society.

Now, take a step back and ask why do people need to advertise their products constantly? One of the biggest reasons is to constantly remind the society (or their target market) that the product still exists.

In the digital world, we have a term called re-engage campaign. Re-engage campaign is a strategy used to get engagement from mailing list contacts that may or may not engage with a product for quite some time.

The main goal of re-engagement is to identify and separate customers that can be retained from those who can’t.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should have a re-engagement campaign:

1. Emailing the Old Mailing List

Emailing the Old Mailing List
Once a company goes to its second year cycle, there will be a long list of old emails that you could probably benefit from. You will end up with tons of customers who bought a product from your store and left inactive for a long time.

Re-engagement will help you engage with customers that may not be as active as you want them to be.

Providing incentives such as discounts or vouchers will help you get closer with them. You could also mix it with their buying habits, which leaves you a higher percentage to get any engagement. Ultimately, it gives you a chance to reconnect to the less active customers that can translate to active customers again.

2. Effective Marketing

Effective Marketing
Re-engagement campaign allows you to segment through your ever-growing list. As the email list would most probably get bigger, trimming it up allows you to optimize your budget to the ones necessary, not towards dead addresses.

By segmenting your list of customers, it would be easier to identify the necessary strategy to connect with them, which can be identified by their buying pattern, checkout time, or even voucher effectiveness.

3. Retain Domain’s Reputation

Retain Domain’s Reputation
It might sound silly to hear that a domain has a reputation, but it definitely does.

Executing an email blast to a lot of people who doesn’t engage with your email will affect the reputation of your domain.

One of the biggest factors of getting email to the inboxes is the reputation of your domain. If you have issues with your reputation, it would be harder for you to use email-marketing tools to your advantage in the future.

These are some incentives for you to re-engage with your less active mailing list.

Please note that it may take a certain period of time before you can actually receive any reward from re-engage campaign. It is however an asset that you can use to build a successful company in the long run.