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FAQ for B Infinite

For Buyer

Can I exchange my BPoints for cash?
No. Points can only be used for redemption as cash during payment (at selected B Infinite merchants). Please download B Infinite mobile app should you wish to redeem BPoints for discount coupon, cash vouchers, or products.


Can I keep track of my BPoints expiry?
Yes. Log in to B Infinite’s website to track your BPoints expiry or contact B Infinite call centre at 03-2141 8080.
Do I have to pay for a B-Infinite membership?
No. There is NO membership fee needed. However, for some co-brand card, a minimal membership fee may be charged for special privileges.

How can I contact B-Infinite?
You can contact B Infinite call centre at 03-2141 8080 OR Email to [email protected]

How can I earn B Infinite points from MOLPay’s merchants if I am not a B Infinite member?
Download B Infinite Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users.
You may still apply for B Infinite membership through B Infinite participating outlets. You will receive your BCard right away after you apply for the virtual card at B Infinite’s mobile app or at B Infinite participating outlets. *Disclaimer: For U Mobile, you can start collecting BPoints once your U Card is registered

How do I earn BPoints from MOLPay?
Simply enter your B Infinite number at the payment confirmation page and click “Earn Points”.

How many BPoints can I earn from a MOLPay purchase?
For all purchases in MYR channels, except Direct Maybank2u and PayPal, you will get 1 BPoint for every 5 Ringgit Malaysia you spent.

Is B Infinite membership open to non-Malaysians? And what is the minimum age to participate?
Membership is open to any individuals. Malaysian residents or non‐residents of the age of 18 and above are welcomed to join.

Is there any expiry date to my B Infinite points?
Yes. Your points will be expired 36 months after issuance, on a first in first out basis.

Where can I redeem my BPoints?
Please download B Infinite mobile app should you wish to redeem BPoints for discount coupon or cash voucher.

Will I get my BPoints immediately after making a purchase?
No. Your BPoints will be credited into your B Infinite account no later than 45 days after the date of purchase if no cancellation or refund takes place.



For Merchant/Developer

Do I need to pay for the points earned by my customer?
No. MOLPay will pay for the cost of BPoints earned by merchant’s customer.

How do I integrate B Infinite loyalty program into my online store?
No integration required for MOLPay merchants as everything has been done automatically at MOLPay system.

How do I join B Infinite loyalty program?
You are automatically enrolled with B Infinite loyalty program once you have signed up for MOLPay service.

How much should I pay for B-Infinite loyalty program?
It’s totally FREE. You don’t have to spend a penny to run your own loyalty program.