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What is MOLPay Sdn. Bhd. GST number?



How does MOLPay calculate the GST for transaction fee?

MOLPay will charge GST based on the lump sum of total transaction costs of the month in batch, instead of calculating GST for each transaction. The batch payable GST amount will be slightly lesser than the total amount of GST calculated from each transaction, which the batch calculation is approved by the authority.


How does MOLPay charges GST?

MOLPay charges standard rated GST on the following:

  • Transaction fee such as MDR(Merchant Discount Rate), processing fee, gateway fee
  • Tokenization fee on top of the total cost, while the following are the fees that listed inclusive of GST
  • Settlement fee (inclusive GST)
  •  Mass payment fee (inclusive GST)
  •  Setup fee (inclusive GST)
  •  Annual fee (inclusive GST)


What the heck are all these mean?

MOLPay charges and issues GST tax invoice in monthly basis.

(i) Total MDR Of Monthly Processing Volume April 2015
GST charged on top of the processing for that particular month.

(ii) Token Billing For May 2015
Secure 1‐click or tokenization costs GST of the month

(iii) Settlement Admin Fee For June 2015
GST on the settlement fee. Unlike the above 2 items, this item fee is GST inclusive.


Where do I get my tax invoice?

Merchant could always login to the merchant admin portal, then go to “ Settlement” page, scroll to the bottom most and you will see “ Tax Invoice” listing and a link to download the tax invoice in PDF file.