For Buyer

Can't find a suitable redemption items on B-Infinite?

Now you can redeem anything that you like with MOLPay’s participating merchants.

What if the seller/merchant does not provide Bcard redemption?

Ask for it. Tell them MOLPay is offering this service without extra charges.

Your B-Infinite points are going to be expired soon?

Spend it (redeem) on any MOLPay’s participating merchant e‐store that accept B Infinite redemption.

For Merchant

Can my customer do partial redemption?

No partial (cash + Bpoints) redemption is allowed for the time being, only FULL redemption is allowed.

For example, if your customer wants to buy an item from your e-store priced at RM 5, they need a minimum of 500 Bpoints in their B Infinite account in order to use their Bpoints. If customers do not have enough Bpoints to match the price of the item, they need to make the payment from other payment options i.e. credit card, debit card, online banking or MOLPay CASH via 7‐Eleven.

*We will keep you informed once we allow partial redemption.

Do I have to pay anything to turn on this feature?

No setup up fees will be charged to turn on this feature, but all transactions will be charged with the agreed MDR rates.

How do my customers collect their B-Infinite Bpoints?

Once you turn ON B‐Infinite Bpoint collection feature, your customers will be able to collect their Bpoints from your e‐store, other MOLPay merchants’ e‐store or at any other B Infinite participating online & offline outlets.

Check out B-Infinite’s participating merchants here

How do my customers redeem their Bpoints from my e-store?

Once you turn ON the B Infinite redemption feature, there will be a payment option for your customers to pay with their B Infinite Bpoints. Minimum redemption value = 100 Bpoints

If my customer paid with their Bpoints and decided to cancel the order can their Bpoints be refunded?

Yes, B Infinite offers reversal or cancellation for redemption. B Infinite points will be credit back to the customer's account.

What is B-Infinite Bpoints Redemption?

It’s a feature where your customers can pay with their available Bpoints for the items they would like to purchase from your e‐store.

What is the redemption value?

1 Bpoint is equivalent in value to 1 cent so (100 Bpoints = RM1)

What will Merchant get once buyer paid (redeem) with B-Infinite points?

The Merchant still get the same amount of money like other channels after deducting MOLPay MDR or transaction fees.

Why should I turn on this B-Infinite Bpoints redemption feature?

Giving your customers more options to pay equals to higher sales.

With that being said, if your customers have no cash or credit card, they can still use their sufficient B Infinite Bpoints to redeem their purchases from your e-store. It’s a great feature without any cost, so what are you waiting for? Join us now!