Step‐By‐Step Guide to Redeem with BCard Points

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Step 1

CLICK on "Payment Options" on MOLPay Payment Page to select your preference of payment channel.

Step 1 - Redeem with BPoint
Step 2

CLICK on "BCard" Logo Button to pay via MOLPay system

Step 2 - Redeem with BPoint

Step 3

a. Please note that RM1 = 100 BCard Points
b. Remember to TICK on the tick box after you read the Terms of Services & Privacy Policy
c. Press on Redeem if you ready to confirm the transaction.

Step 3 - Redeem with BPoint
Step 4

Your online payment has been authorized successfully.

Step 4 - Redeem with BPoint

Now it’s time to shop and collect BCard Points, and use Bcard Points to pay your next order!