MOLPay Mass Payment is a cash management service for merchants that cater a large number of buyers or sellers in terms of disbursement and refund services.

Who will benefit from this?

It is the perfect solution for small online companies that are transforming to bigger companies and also for companies that work with scalability in terms of their number of customers

What you will be benefit from this?



Automated System

Make multiple transaction
at one‐go

Reduce the use of cheques

Time Saving

How does MOLPay Mass Payment works?


MOLPay will settle payments to sellers on behalf of merchants when bank settle the payment to MOLPay. Mass payment uses the available balance in MOLPay’s merchant account.


MOLPay will refund the shopper directly when instruction from seller is received.


MOLPay will deduct fund transfer fees from merchant account balance once the distribution is done.