GOOD NEWS for our merchants with MOLPay CASH!

MOLPay is extending its reach at all Petronas station.

We started with a mission to improve the convenience of your customers through the introduction of MOLPay CASH payment at the nearest 7-Eleven stores. Although we already acquired more than 3,000 physical points in Malaysia and Singapore, we are going to go a step further by introducing Petronas. Now MOLPay CASH allows your customers to pay with cash on every Petronas station.

On top of providing 24/7 payment center for your customers, any process and management of cash will be done without you ever being present. Similar to 7-Eleven payments, you will be notified immediately after the payments are made... Leaving you to deal other things that are important to your business, such as marketing or business strategies.

If you have not activate the MOLPay CASH feature, don’t worry... You can join us now here.

So how this work?

Select to pay via [email protected]

Key in ALL the necessary details & click "PROCEED"

A message will show "Thank You! Your payment request has been successfully recorded."

Scroll to the bottom page and kindly click on "PRINT"

Bring this receipt to any Petronas station nearby or at your convenience and tell them you want to make payment via E-pay

Inform the cashier to select ‘MOLPay’

Give the transaction ID and the amount of the bill to the cashier to key in

Make the payment to the cashier

Make sure you get a receipt and keep it for future reference

There are two BIG reasons why you should consider MOLPay as part of your payment method:

60% prefer pay cash
Cash is still a favourable payment method in Malaysia based on here.
34% of Adult Malaysians still have no access to banks
34% of Adult Malaysians still have no access to banks, not to mention Internet banking. This is based on here.

You can now let your customers make payments at their nearest location with MOLPay CASH, a perfect solution for online shoppers without a debit/credit card, Internet banking, students, foreigners and also those with fraud experiences.

Let’s not lose your potential customers and join us now!